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Warrior Journal

Three new conditions were recently added to the list of presumptive conditions for which the Department of Veterans Affairs grants service connection to Vietnam War veterans affected by exposure to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange.  This means that tens of thousands of veterans will now be eligible for VA disability benefits if their Agent Orange exposure resulted in bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, or Parkinson’s Disease-like symptoms.

  1. If you currently have one of the new conditions, filed for one before and were denied, or know of a widow of a veteran who died from one of these new conditions you should contact a service officer immediately.

  1. If you have been previously denied you should file a VA form 20-0995 citing the FY 2021 NDAA as new relevant evidence.

  1. If you have not filed a claim work with a service officer to file a new claim.

  1. Finally, a survivor of a Vietnam veteran who died as a result of on of the new conditions should meet with a service officer and file for DIC.

For information regarding the recent expansion of the Caregivers Program  contact a Post Service Officer.

Congress Adds Three New Diseases To The Agent Orange Presumptive List

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